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Learn Spanish The Gringa Way

The Gringa

More or Less

er & more = más

In English, to create a comparison, we generally "-er" (cooler, happier, stronger) or add the word "more" before (more intelligent, more studious, more affectionate).

There is no Spanish equivalent for the suffix “-er”

In Spanish you put the word más (more) in front of the descriptive word:

• más fuerte (stronger)
• más inteligente (more intelligent)
• más cariñoso/a (more affectionate)
• más atento/a (more attentive)

To indicate "less" rather than "more", you put the word menos in front of the descriptive word:

• menos fuerte (less strong)
• menos inteligente (less intelligent)
• menos cariñoso/a (less affectionate)
• menos atento/a (less attentive)

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