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Learn Spanish The Gringa Way

The Gringa

Hey YOU, Yeah YOU heard me, I am talking to YOU, What’s it to YOU?

= you (when speaking to someone informally, such as friends and
family; who you know well) ¿Cómo estás?


utsted = you (when speaking to someone politely or formally, such as an elder, a boss, teacher) ¿Cómo está?


ustedes = you (when speaking to more than one person, can translate as “you all”) ¿Cómo están?


vosotros = you (informal but mostly only used in Spain and one or
two countries in Central America) ¿ Cómo estáis?


Almost any form from a doctor’s office, school, employer,
etc. will be written in the usted form. This is because they
do not know you on a personal level and therefore use the
formal form of you (usted).


I would recommend not using the vosotros form (no offense
to vosotros or the people who use it). I have found in my
Spanish career and real world interactions that only people
from Spain and Nicaragua use this format. For learning
purposes, it is easier for you to stick with the other “you”
formats. I mention it above as a reference so you are aware that it exists.

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