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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Spanish words that end in “ería” denote some sort of business (shops).

If you have ever traveled to a Spanish speaking country (or to Miami), I am sure you have seen many of these words. If you have not traveled to a Spanish country but plan on it at some point (recommended) then you can keep an eye out for these business names!Cafetería = Coffee shop (from the Spanish word cafe, meaning coffee)

Carnicería = Butcher shop (the Spanish word carne, meaning meat)

Cervecería = Brewery, Bar (from the Spanish word cerveza, meaning beer)

Confitería = Candy store (from the Spanish verb, confitar, meaning to confect candy)

Floristería = Flower shop (from the Spanish word, flor, meaning flower)

Heladería = Ice cream palor (from the Spanish word helado, meaning ice cream)

Joyería = Jewelry shop (from the Spanish word joya, meaning jewel)

Lavandería = Laundry mat (from the Spanish word lavar, to wash)

Librería = Bookstore (from the Spanish word libro, meaning book)

Panadería = Bakery (from the Spanish word pan, meaning bread)

Papelería = Stationery store (from the Spanish word papel, meaning paper)

Pastelería = Pastry shop (from the Spanish word pastel, meaning pastry)

Peluquería = Hair salon (from the Spanish word pelo, meaning hair)

Pescadería = Fish shop (from the Spanish word pescado, meaning fish)
Pizzería = Pizza parlor (from the Spanish word pizza, meaning pizza)

Sombrerería = Hat shop (from the Spanish word sombrero, meaning hat)
Zapatería = Shoe store (from the Spanish word zapato, meaning shoe)

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