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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • Most Memorable Gringa Moment

    My most memorable gringa moment was at a grocery store here in Miami. I was buying really hot peppers (no big deal so I thought) but when I got the checkout the man bagging the groceries must have thought that is was so odd that a "gringa" would be eating hot food that he says to the cashier in Spanish ( thinking that I was a gringa that did not understand any Spanish).

    "Que pinta esa gringa comprando pimientos calientes" (slang that basically translates as "What right does this gringa have buying hot peppers")

    I am listening to him talk about me behind my back and then I said to him (in Spanish).

    "Ten cuidado senor, los gringos tambien pueden comer pimientos calientes" (be careful sir, as gringos can also eat hot peppers)

    Well he almost had a hard attack when I busted out with that in Spanish and was really shocked and embarrassed!!!!

    Bottom line....learn Spanish (the Gringa Way) so you can hear people talking crap behind your back and.... don't mess with a gringa who speaks Spanish!!!!

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