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Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • The Gringa Oath

                The Gringo Oath

                 Yes we are Gringos

                           Yes we embrace the word

                          Yes we can and will learn Spanish!!!!!!!!

  • Word To Fellow Gringos(as)

    The Gringa 

    Word to fellow gringos

    This book was written out of love for you, mi gente (my people)! As a fellow English speaker, I know how hard it is and how much effort it takes to learn Spanish, especially coming from a small town in the United States where no one speaks Spanish! After years of studying and living the language, I want to share my knowledge with you, saving you from years of hard work. This book is meant to be a useful tool for you, providing you with information in a unique and straightforward way! It is possible for gringos to learn Spanish!!!! You just need to learn it from…..

    The Gringa!

    Su amiga, The Gringa!

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