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Learn Spanish The Gringa Way

The Gringa
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Learn Spanish The Gringa Way

     “The Easiest Way for English Speakers To Learn Spanish”

Step into a new world of learningin which the journey itself is actually fun and exciting! The Gringa has taken a somewhat “untraditional” approach toward teaching the Spanish Language to English speakers.

In doing so, she pioneered a system, which allows learners to translate their English thoughts and sentences into usable  Spanish.

This total “new approach” not only makes the language much easier to learn and understand but it transforms what many thought was “impossible” for them… (learning Spanish) and makes it completely achievable.

Many people have been totally “overwhelmed” by the “strict rules” and vast grammatical differences they discovered when trying the “old, traditional” methods of learning usable Spanish – so they quit – saying this is simply “way” too hard.

Try The Gringa’s new approach…. and you will be speaking Spanish easier than you ever thought was possible.

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The Gringa Way

Erin Ashley Sieber the author of "The Gringa Way" on why Spanish is now easier to learn then ever before.

1.   grin·go/ˈgriNGgō/

Noun: A white person from an English-speaking country, often from the United States (who is a non-native Spanish speaker)

I am sure many of you have heard this term before. Contrary to some belief, it is not slang, nor slanderous.  Some Americans may take offense at this term, but they shouldn't. All it really means is "a foreigner who speaks English." If you're a native of the USA, that's you - and it's definitely ME. So, I'm THE GRINGA.

I grew up in a small town with no Spanish speaking influence, but I was able to learn Spanish fluently. Throughout years of many conversations with fellow gringos, I realized that I constantly heard the same responses when I asked why they didn't know Spanish.  Many of them went like this:

  • "It was simply too hard to learn"
  •  I took a couple years of Spanish in high school but don’t remember anything.
  •  I took some mandatory classes but I only remember how to say "hola,"

Those words burned in my ears as I thought about why people found Spanish so difficult to learn. There had to be an identifiable reason why my fellow gringos y gringas did not grasp or remember even the basics of Spanish. Sure enough…


The problem was not the language; the problem was the way they went about trying to learn it. With that realization, I decided to make it my mission to develop a learning technique that would provide a fun, easy, and understandable way for native English speakers to learn Spanish and retain what they learn.


My innovative teaching methods steer away from the grueling and grammatically heavy textbook approach. My gringos y gringas do not get bogged down with the many grammatical differences that exist between English, and Spanish. They learn in a practical, hands-on format that takes what you already know about the English language and expands on it in a simple, easy to remember way. You'll be conversational before you know it!
If you tried Spanish before and failed - or if you never tried before because you thought it would be too hard - now is the time to take the leap and learn for keeps: THE GRINGA WAY.


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